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...Music enhances self-expression & self-esteem...



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school of music


The Cadenza Company School of Music Logo
Andre Echeverria, owner and director

     “Our mission is to provide a fun environment in which our students can excel. Our vision is to inspire them to discover and develop skills that will generate a lifelong passion for creating music, whether through composition or performance.

     Music lessons have been proven to foster personal, social, and academic development, and they afford a multitude of benefits that can last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been told that you can’t hold a tune or that you aren’t coordinated enough to play an instrument, everyone has the potential to improve their musical skills.

     We are dedicated to helping Cadenza students explore their talents, discover their skills, heighten their creativity, delve into their imagination, and expand their horizons.”     

—André Echeverría

Founder and President

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