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...Music enhances self-expression & self-esteem...


Boy playing guitar

What an interesting year, huh?

Fortunately, we live in a time and age of brilliant technology, which has allowed us to continue teaching and furthering our Cadenza students' music education (even if from a distance). Thanks to apps such as, we can not only interact virtually with each other, but we can access a variety of digital music tools, enhancing the music learning experience! 

Since the pandemic hit, we have been working hard to keep our Cadenza family engaged and motivated, striving for excellence each and every day. We are proud to say that both our teachers and, especially, our students have made loads and loads of progress despite the current global adversities. Below is proof of the fact that not only online lessons can be just as effective as in-person (regardless of age, level, instrument or genre), but that through the power of music, we can face life's challenges, together.

We hope you enjoy this compilation of music videos performed by our beloved Cadenza students!

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